With You From the Start

Partnering with Developers

Fox Marin Offers Developers a Contemproary and Integrated Solution to Toronto's New Project Sales and Marketing Demands. 

We take a hands-on approach to marketing and selling new development projects, so that that every element — from competitive analyses and research on market demographics, product development, and floorplans, to pricing and marketing and sales operations — is carefully considered and nothing is left to chance.

We draw upon over 15 years of pre-construction experience and market-specific knowledge to create hugely successful projects in downtown Toronto, and back this success with an important guiding principle that unites our work and everything we do: To ensure the highest quality of customer experience and communications, backed by best-in-class design, marketing, and sales know-how that’s unparalleled in the industry.

When you partner with Fox Marin Associates, you’ll see differences immediately: Even before land is acquired, our knowledgeable team works with developers to provide their expert opinion on the marketability of a potential site. We collaborate with architects, interior designers, public relations firms, project managers, and digital agencies to ensure that the product going to market speaks to the right audience at the right time.