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At Fox Marin, the Devil is in the Details.

Early in the sales process, we host a comprehensive Seller Intake Session, where we work with you to uncover key details about your property and its unique value in the marketplace. We invest time and energy in this critical first step, because we’ve learned that the most successful (and quick) property sales come from the most thorough planning and preparation.

Some of the essentials covered in the Seller Intake Session:

For Freehold Properties:

  • Listing renovations, repairs, and upgrades
  • Annual utility costs (including gas, hydro, water, and insurance)
  • Annual property taxes
  • Type and age of Furnace, A/C, Plumbing, Electrical, and Roofing
  • Rental items (e.g., hot water tank or alarm system)
  • List of inclusions and exclusions
  • Existing survey
  • Existing warranties
  • Age of the home

For Condominiums:

  • Parking space (owned or exclusive use)
  • Storage and bike locker(s) (owned or exclusive use)
  • Location of parking and storage space(s)
  • Maintenance fees and what they include
  • Pets policy
  • Square footage (if known)
  • Floorplan (if available)
  • Property management company
  • Age of the condo
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