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What Is An Exclusive Listing?

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An Easier Way To Get You Sold Starts Here!

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What Is A Real Estate Deposit?

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11/02 - Trends

4 Innovative Office Spaces You’ll Wish You Worked Inside

Considering many of us spend a good portion of our weekdays stuck at a desk, it makes all the difference when the atmosphere we work in innovative office spaces. Here are six stunning workspaces throughout the country that will give you serious office envy.

Shopify, Toronto

The e-commerce company’s marketing and product division is nestled in a 100-year-old brick-and-beam building in downtown Toronto. The 35,600-square-foot space covers two and a half floors and even boasts a rooftop patio. The office is also home to a few dogs, a trendy food-packed cafeteria, a rec room (with guitars to strum), ping pong tables and more.

Lululemon, Vancouver

The best office environments are those that cleverly reflect company values. Take Lululemon’s modern-meets-serene headquarters in Vancouver. Architectural firm Gustavson Wylie Architects devised a 24,000-square-foot layout that features a three-storey living wall (which improves air quality) along with a luxurious fitness space (think yoga studio, workout zone and meditation room).

Google Canada, Kitchener

Though Google has plenty of innovative offices worldwide, the company recently unveiled a new headquarters for its Canadian development team in Kitchener, Ontario – a city known for its burgeoning tech scene. The 185,000-square-foot office space contains a rock climbing wall, full-service cafeteria, gym (where you can take part in fitness classes and work with an on-staff trainer), games room and even a modern library with a secret door.

BICOM, Montreal

If public relations firm BICOM’s stylish Montreal office tells us anything, it’s that the Canadian company has an eye for stellar design. The firm hired interior designer Jean de Lessard to fashion an inspiring interior for their 24 employees. The end result? An open-concept space featuring a variety of house-shaped work zones that encourage creativity and collaboration.