Behind The Scenes

The Real-Real Estate

An Insider's View Of The Behind The Scenes

We at Fox Marin make it look pretty and easy-breezy ​because that is our job. The reality of the matter is getting consistent winning results, providing a seamless experience for our clients; while never settling for anything other than the best, every single day, 24/7​, is anything but easy- breezy.​ It’s all about having incredible focus and being “all in, all the time”. It ain’t just all about pretty pictures, high fives, doing deals and sipping Veuve (gosh, the dream)!

Performing at the highest level in a high-velocity Real Estate Market is nothing like HGTV or Bravo’s Million Dollar Listing. By the way, no offence to any Network because we happen to love them both. In reality, it’s all about the hustle and doing whatever it takes for your clients (and always with a smile). It’s a good thing that we at Fox Marin happen to absolutely love our clients and what we do.