Toronto Real Estate Listings

Liberty Village

TH3-57 East Liberty St

Sold for 102% of Asking Price

402-569 King St E

Sold for 97% of Asking Price
Canary District

S1007-120 Bayview Ave

Sold for 106% of Asking Price
High Park

TH20-93 The Queensway

Sold for 120% of Asking Price
Broadview North

235 Browning Ave

Sold for 99% of asking price
Waterfront Communities

S450-35 Rolling Mills Rd

Sold for 99% of Asking Price
Bathurst Manor

302-890 Sheppard Ave W

Sold for 108% of Asking Price
Banbury-Don Mills

20 Jessie Drive

Sold for 110% of Asking Price
Hamilton-Kirkendall West

72 MacDonald Ave

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