Fox Marin Values


Guiding Principle

At Fox Marin, at our core, we are a client-focused company. From day one, it has always been our belief that if we take the best possible care of our clients and provide the highest level of service, our business’s growth and success will ultimately take care of itself. At Fox Marin, we focus exactly where it belongs: on our clients. As a company and as individuals, we make every decision based on the answer to the following two questions:

1. Is this in our client’s best interest?
2. Will this help us to deliver or improve on providing a seamless customer experience?


We at Fox Marin understand how high the stakes can be for our clients, and on a professional and personal level, we take this very seriously. Integrity is not just...

…a word; it’s a promise, a promise to ourselves, our teammates, and our clients as to how we show up every day. We remain steadfast in our commitment not just to show up but to show up on time and always as our best selves, to deliver on what we say we’re going to do, and to always keep our commitments.

Our word is our bond, and we always take full responsibility for our actions. Sometimes words are just not enough: in an industry where there is a lot of over-promising and under-delivering, we are relentless in our commitment to always over-deliver on what we say that we are going to do and our results speak for themselves.

& Transparency

Communication and transparency are the foundation of how we do business at Fox Marin. We believe that complete transparency and unwavering levels of...

…open communication foster great relationships and contribute to win-win scenarios time and again. Everyone has an integral voice at our company, and over-communicating with our team and with our clients is an essential component of our company culture.

Creativity, Innovation
& Originality

We pride ourselves on not being average in anything we do. We strive to be the exception to the rule; we are the outliers, the trendsetters, the game-changers. We...

…have an aversion to the norm, the average, and the expected. Instead, we embrace creativity, innovation, and an original approach. We are the trailblazers and not the followers. We prove we are different time and again through our avant-garde approach, unpretentious style, and win-win results.

Long Term Thinking

Long-term thinking is at the core of every decision we make and the action we take. While this viewpoint is often the road less travelled, we believe the accurate...

…measure of success to any relationship, investment, or business enterprise is achieved by taking the long view and having the courage to look far out into the future, and the patience and discipline to follow through.

We set long-term goals and a vision of the future and continually strive towards it. By taking the long-term approach to everything we do, it ensures that we are fundamentally a relationship / consultant-based company motivated by seeking the best possible outcome for our clients. At Fox Marin, looking after our clients’ best long-term interests supersedes the importance of any transaction.


We are “all-in” in everything we do. We are 110% invested in success. We work with energy, commitment, and diligence to ensure that our results...

…do the talking. We will not be outworked and will do whatever it takes to get the job done. At Fox Marin, we are always the hardest workers in the room.


At Fox Marin, we never, ever give up. We always find a way to win and play from a position of strength, tenacity, and compassion. We are always...

…championing and advocating for our clients – seeking to problem-solve or find an innovative solution with a winning mindset and an all-in attitude.

Growth & Expansion

We at Fox Marin are committed to the concept of continual and never-ending improvement in all facets of our life; we are continually striving for personal...

…and professional growth and excellence. We all share the universal principle of trying to achieve our fullest potential. We are never satisfied with the status quo, and we always want to deliver our very best for our clients and our teammates.

We, as a company, are committed to stretching and developing ourselves and our organization. We don’t just look from within. We look at other industries, cultures, and viewpoints from around the world for ideas and ways to innovate, inspire, motivate and help us grow and ensure that we remain at the forefront of our industry.

Energy, Vitality
& Resilience

Being present, fit, healthy, and fun leads to better and longer-term relationships with our clients. Showing up with gratitude, humility, humour, and a positive...

…perspective is at the core of who we are. At Fox Marin, we champion our team, our friendships, and our partnerships with energy, vitality, and unwavering resilience.

At Fox Marin, our values are our North Star, clearly defining who we are and how we show up every single day.

At Fox Marin, our values are our North Star, clearly defining who we are and how we show up every single day.