Fox Marin Headquarters

FM Headquarters

Taking Our Business
To New Heights

We are thrilled to take up space in the heart of Little Italy! Our lofty digs feature enviable brick-and-beam, 14-foot+ ceilings & rockstar status of a sunny disposition, providing an airy atmosphere for clients and team members alike.

The open-concept layout makes the space perfect for collaboration and team building while allowing private office spaces for more focused work.

This 3,000-square-foot space, adorned with exposed duct work and oversized windows, offers ample natural light, helping to create a bright and airy open-concept work environment.

In addition to the stunning interior, the location of our new office is unbeatable. Steps away from great restaurants, cafes, and shops, it is easy to find a place to grab a quick lunch, an after-work cocktail or a great afternoon latte at The Box Car Social Laneway.

This vibrant hub at College & Bathurst is perfect for the Fox Marin Team constantly zipping between downtown, uptown, East & West. We are thrilled to be part of this dynamic community and to offer our team, clients and colleagues an inspiring (and convenient) workspace!

Be sure to drop by next time you’re in the area – we would love to see you!

The Community

The Community

Little Italy

The Little Italy neighbourhood is a vibrant and bustling community located in the west end of the city. The neighbourhood is centred around College Street, which runs through the heart of the area and is known for its lively atmosphere, diverse food scene, and vibrant cultural offerings.

Historically, Little Italy was home to a large Italian community in Toronto, and this heritage can still be seen in the neighbourhood today. The area is filled with Italian restaurants, cafes, and shops, and the annual Taste of Little Italy festival is a popular event that draws crowds from across the city. In recent years, the neighbourhood has become more diverse, with an influx of new residents from different backgrounds. This has led to the opening of new businesses and the emergence of a more eclectic food scene, with options ranging from Mexican and Cuban cuisine to vegan and gluten-free offerings. Fox Marin’s favourites include Giulietta, Bar Isabel & Quetzal.

Despite these changes, Little Italy has managed to maintain its sense of community and identity. The neighbourhood is home to a number of community organizations and initiatives that work to preserve its history and support its residents. In addition to its food and cultural offerings, Little Italy is also known for its nightlife. The neighbourhood is home to a number of popular bars and music venues, which attract both locals and tourists alike. Overall, Little Italy is a unique and vibrant neighbourhood that offers something for everyone. Whether you’re looking for great food, cultural experiences, or a lively night out, you’re sure to find it in this dynamic part of Toronto.

Little Itlay

The Area’s
Architectural Roots

Little Italy is home to a variety of housing types and architectural styles. While the area is known for its historic Italian influences, there are many other cultural influences that can be seen in the neighbourhood’s buildings, residential homes and office spaces!

One of the most prominent types of housing in Little Italy is the classic row house. These narrow, multi-story homes are a staple of the city’s architecture and can be found throughout the neighbourhood. Many of these row houses have been updated and renovated over the years, giving them a contemporary and fashion-forward feel while still retaining their historic charm.

In addition to row houses, Little Italy also has a number of detached homes, semi-detached homes, and low-rise apartment buildings. Many of these homes feature classic Victorian or Edwardian architecture, ornate details, dormer windows, colourful facades and covered front porches.

One of the unique aspects of Little Italy’s architecture is the influence of European design. Many of the neighbourhood’s buildings and homes feature Italianate details, such as arched doorways, decorative mouldings, and vibrant colour schemes. Some of the area’s older buildings have been preserved and converted into modern homes, while others have been repurposed into restaurants, shops, and other commercial spaces, including the building that houses Fox Marin.

Overall, the architecture in Little Italy reflects the neighbourhood’s rich history and diverse cultural influences. From classic Toronto row houses to Italianate-inspired designs, the area’s buildings and homes offer a unique and eclectic mix of styles that make it one of the most interesting and visually appealing neighbourhoods in the city.

Top 10

Things To Do In Little Italy

1. Visit the iconic College Street Arch

The gateway to the neighbourhood and a popular spot for photos.

2. Explore the vibrant and diverse food scene

With everything from classic Italian cuisine to Mexican, Cuban, and vegan options.

3. Check out the Taste of Little Italy festival

Held annually in June, the festival features food, music, and cultural events.

4. Take a stroll down Graffiti Alley

A colourful and Instagram-worthy alleyway filled with street art and murals.

5. Visit the Royal Cinema

A historic movie theatre that screens indie and classic films.

6. Stop by Café Diplomatico

A local institution that’s been serving espresso, panini, and gelato since the 1960s.

7. Browse the eclectic shops and boutiques along College Street

Featuring everything from vintage clothing to handmade jewelry.

8. Enjoy a drink at one of the neighbourhood's many bars and pubs

Including the popular “Bar Raval

9. Explore Trinity Bellwoods Park

The city’s most coveted green space just south of Little Italy that’s popular with locals for picnics, outdoor activities & off-leash dog park!

10. Visit the Italian Walk of Fame

A series of plaques and stars honouring notable Italian-Canadians, located along College Street.


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