Toronto Real Estate Listings

Sold for 114% of Asking Price
South Riverdale

520-68 Broadview Ave

Sold for 98% of Asking Price
Waterfront Communities

307-29 Queens Quay E

Sold for 117% of Asking Price
Moss Park

1724-230 King St E

Sold for 99% of Asking Price
Port Credit

190-1055 Shawnmarr Rd

Sold for 117% of asking price
Waterfront Communities

N609-455 Front Street East

Sold for 98% of Asking Price

803-2200 Lake Shore Blvd W

Sold for 106% of Asking Price
St. Lawrence Market

413-1 Scott St

Sold for 118% of asking price

1412 Farmstead Dr

Sold for 105% of Asking Price
Canary District

N1004-120 Bayview Ave

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