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An Easier Way To Get You Sold Starts Here!

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06/06 - Trends

4 Modern Homes Perfect for Minimalists

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Modern Homes for Minimalists

Have you watched the new Netflix documentary Minimalism yet? If not, do it now. But if you have, we imagine it’s given you a new-found appreciation for a more pared-back lifestyle (read: living better with less). Whether the idea of stripping down your home to contain only the essentials sounds incredibly intimidating or liberating, the concept invites intrigue. Need inspiration? Here are four modern homes from across the globe that make minimalism look easy and beautiful.


1. Sleek Industrial Home in Amsterdam

With black wood frames, narrow wood boards and expansive windows, this home’s modern facade follows the same modest design formula as its interior. Step inside and you’ll be taken by a dramatic black staircase and beautiful open-concept design. Personal possessions are also scant, adding to the space’s calm and uncluttered vibe.


2. Modern Coastal Cabin in Norway

What lends more warmth to a space than wooden accents? Wood everything. This captivating cabin on Norway’s west coast is only 645 square feet, but it seems larger thanks to its thoughtful design and clean-lined furnishings. It’s Scandinavian spaces like these that prove a minimalist design can still be character-filled and cozy.


3. Trio of Tiny Cabins in Maine

Located on a picture-perfect island in Maine’s Penobscot Bay, these petite pads perfectly combine beauty and function. Each space features floor-to-ceiling glass windows, streamlined furniture, a modern wood-burning stove and little else. Because who needs stuff when you’re blessed with a view like this one?


4. Scenic Vacation Home in Chile

If you haven’t yet travelled to Chile, this humble home will make it your next vacation destination. While it’s hard to compete with the 1,033-square-foot space’s ocean views, it boasts practical elements, too. In the kids’ room, for instance, there’s a built-in sleeping platform on the back wall. And each room features floor-to-ceiling windows, making the outdoor view the home’s true showpiece.


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