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4 Things We’re Looking Forward to Most about Toronto’s Eataly

Wine connoisseurs and pasta addicts rejoiced last week when news of Toronto’s Eataly debut was announced. The upscale Italian food and drink chain (the largest in the world) will take up residence in Yorkville’s Manulife Centre in early 2019, which is part of a larger $100-million facelift.

Eataly will account for 50,000 square feet of space across three storeys and will house various Italian-centric food markets, restaurants and eateries. We can practically smell the made-to-order pasta and decadent sauces from here. Below are four aspects we’re most excited about!

Cooking Classes

If our future slice of Italy follows the footsteps of the NYC and Chicago locations, expect first-rate cooking workshops and seminars by culinary talents. If it’s any indication, acclaimed international chefs Massimo Bottura and Alex Atala (who have garnered even more fame after being featured on Netflix’s Chef’s Table) recently ran a seminar at NYC’s Flatiron District location.


Wine Selections

LCBO’s selection of Italian vino will have nothing on what’s to come. The Chicago Eataly, for instance, boasts more than 1,000 varieties of premium wines from 20 Italian regions. You can also order a glass and wander throughout the marketplace with it in hand. With the recent easing of some of Ontario’s liquor laws, there’s a good chance our location will follow this model, too.


Restaurants Galore

Some of the best Italian restaurants in the city will soon be housed under the same roof – and we’re not just talking one or two. From sit-down restaurants to takeaway counters to bars, most existing Eataly locations house at least 15 eateries (the Chicago location has 23!). In order to tap into the Canadian marketplace, the company is partnering with the Selfridges Group and Terroni Restaurants to make use of local expertise and provide an experience distinct to Toronto.


The Overall Spread

The majority of ingredients and a number of the tools used in Eataly’s restaurants are sold in store, ensuring each dish can easily be translated into a homemade masterpiece. The NYC Flatiron location (also 50,000 square feet) offers more than 400 different types of cheese, 20 types of freshly-made pasta, 50 kinds of Italian-style meats, more than 30 bread varieties, a seafood station and more olive oil than you’ll know what to do with. Buon appetite!