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5 Best Bakeries in Toronto

5 Best Bakeries in Toronto |

On mornings when we wake up to a snow-laden city, staying indoors is practically a survival instinct. That said, it’s still worth braving the cold temps from time to time – especially when it means consuming frothy drinks and undeniably fresh pastries. Here are the 5 best bakeries in Toronto that are worth visiting, no matter the forecast:

Roselle Desserts: 

There’s something so incredibly sweet about Roselle Desserts in Toronto’s Corktown neighbourhood, and we’re not just talking about the bakery’s exquisite pastry creations. In a way, the petite shop’s bright and charming ambience signifies King East’s recent revival. It also doesn’t hurt that the desserts are heavenly (read: turtle tarts and crepe cakes).


For those who work in or near Toronto’s PATH system, top-notch pastries and sandwiches are only a short stroll away. Maman, located in the heart of the city’s Financial District, serves up delicious delicacies inspired by Southern France – which means infinite fresh baguettes, buttery croissants and delectable cakes.


It’s time for the beloved cupcake to step aside, because Toronto has just welcomed its first éclair-only patisserie. How we managed to live without one before, we just can’t say. The modern-meets-glam bakery on Queen West, headed by Jelly Modern Doughnuts’ former pastry chef, goes above and beyond with fanciful flavours including maple bacon and Persian pistachio.

Colette Grand Cafe:

Since opening its doors in 2014, Colette has become somewhat of a downtown staple. The stylish French restaurant in Toronto’s Thompson Hotel offers up wonderfully modern dishes in an elegant atmosphere with Parisian flair. Dine here for lunch or grab a pastry at the cafe section – your palette will be pleased either way.

Nadege Patisserie:

The beauty of Nadege is that you can’t help but treat yourself the second you step inside. The mesmerizing displays of brightly-coloured sweets are like miniature art pieces – a reminder to appreciate each decadent bite. With locations peppered throughout the city, from Queen West to Rosedale, it’s easy to get your sugar fix.

Hope you enjoyed this list of 5 best bakeries in Toronto!