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An Easier Way To Get You Sold Starts Here!

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5 Exciting Things Coming to Toronto in 2017

5 Exciting Things Coming to Toronto in 2017 |

Whatever your lifestyle, there’s something in Toronto to suit us all. And it helps when the city improves itself year after year – from the assemblage of appealing shops and restaurants popping up to new infrastructure plans. In celebration of all Toronto has to offer, we’re taking a look at five exciting things coming to Toronto in 2017.


Restaurant: La Banane

No matter how paralyzed we get with restaurant indecision, there is no such thing as too many quality eating venues in Toronto. One exciting new eatery that recently opened is La Banane, a French restaurant imagined by chef Brandon Olsen that’s just hit Toronto’s Ossington strip. While we’re short on details right now, we’re pretty sure Chef Olsen (who once worked at Bar Isabel and The Black Hoof) won’t disappoint.


Urban Planning: Spadina Subway Extention

Live in Toronto for long enough and you’ll experience your fair share of subway trauma, from delays at rush hour to trains cutting service right before your stop. Yup. But we often overlook all the progress the TTC has made, too. One major positive step is the Spadina subway extension that will run to Vaughan, which, after almost a decade of construction, is said to be ready by the year’s end.


Accommodation: The Broadview Hotel

Believe it: The rundown building that once housed Jilly’s strip club on Queen East at Broadview has been completely restored to become The Broadview Hotel, a trendy boutique establishment that’s to be a complete contrast from its former self. Expect 58 stunning hotel rooms, a street-level restaurant and even a rooftop bar. If all goes as planned, you’ll be able to book a suite by spring.


Fitness: SoulCycle

The New York-based fitness phenomenon that we’ve been hearing whispers about for years is opening its first international location in Toronto this March. The popular spin class takes place in a dark candle-lit studio and is basically a high-energy dance party that also involves meditative components. With 67 locations in the U.S., the American chain plans to open more studios across the globe this year.


Retail: RYU Apparel

With fitness on the mind, it only makes sense that the city welcomes a new wellness clothing brand as well.  Respect Your Universe (RYU) is a Vancouver-based fitness and lifestyle company that sells modern athletic gear and accessories catered to both the avid gym goer and the casual city walker. Keep your eye out for it at 361 Queen St West.