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What Is An Exclusive Listing?

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An Easier Way To Get You Sold Starts Here!

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5 Toronto Ice Cream Shops That Are Worth the Lineup

5 Toronto Ice Cream Shops That Are Worth the Lineup

These indulgent ice cream parlours will keep you cool and satisfied all summer long – enjoy our list of the best Toronto ice cream shops!

We’re just going to go ahead and say it: In Toronto, ice cream has become the new brunch… all thanks to a new craze (or movement?) called Sweet Jesus. The epic, downright excessive soft-serve joint on King West welcomes line-ups that seem to span the entire neighbourhood. But if you’ve seen enough cones bedazzled in cotton candy for one summer, here are 5 other (arguably better) Toronto ice cream shops worth waiting for.

Arctic Bites This month, Kensington Market welcomed another drool-worthy destination: Arctic Bites. The Thai-inspired dessert shop is the first of its kind in the city, offering up fried ice cream “rolls” that resemble small crepes. Despite the frozen fare’s unique appearance, the rolls maintain the same soft creamy texture as your average scoop. Flavours range from fruit loops (“Two Can Sam”) to coffee (“Your Morning Cup”).

Seven Lives Paleteria We have tip our hats to another new soft serve shop in Kensington, which has a rainbow-bright scheme that will draw you in before the dessert even has a chance to do the same. And good thing, because the frozen treats are incredible. The Mexican-style popsicles (flavours include Hibiscus Chamoy and Mango Tajin) and non-dairy soft serve (pineapple sorbet floats and mangonadas) will have you hooked after one taste.

Tsujiri Uncle Tetsu’s Japanese Cheesecake was so last year. The new big player in town? Tsujiri. The global Japanese tea company that specializes in matcha creations recently opened its first North American location in Toronto near Bay and Dundas. In addition to sipping on high-quality green tea, we recommend indulging in the shop’s matcha soft serve sundaes.

Death in Venice This small gelato station tucked inside Queen West’s Turkish bakery Constantinople is not to be overlooked. Expect to find ultra-inventive and delectable flavours like rhubarb & licorice, ricotta rosemary & lemon, and even Thai peanut soy fish (we can’t make this stuff up!). The bakery also uses seasonal products from local farmers and suppliers, which means the flavours are constantly in rotation.

Bang Bang Ice Cream This ice cream round-up just wouldn’t be complete without the inclusion of Bang Bang. The petite bakery on Ossington Avenue has been sporting lineups before lineups were even cool. The reason? The sweet shop serves up homemade ice cream sandwiched between two gooey fresh-from-the-oven cookies. And not just any ice cream (flavours to salivate over include burnt toffee, London fog, salted honey and a whole lot more).