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What Is An Exclusive Listing?

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How Do I Save Money On A Kitchen Renovation?

An Easier Way To Get You Sold Starts Here!

An Easier Way To Get You Sold Starts Here!

What Is A Real Estate Deposit?

What Is A Real Estate Deposit?

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8 Blissful Bathtubs For Spa-Worthy Evenings

8 Blissful Bathtubs For Spa-Worthy Evenings |

The fact that the majority of us neglect the tub in favour of our faithful shower is not news. Rinsing off in a warm stream of water daily feels peacefully productive, while reclining back for a soak somehow feels uncomfortably indulgent. It’s time to stop stigmatizing the suds! These luxurious bathrooms with blissful tubs will have you rethink the idea of post-work downtime (remember: lounging is mandatory and laptops are forbidden).

Can you imagine anything better than dipping into a large soaker tub with a picturesque view of the Niagara vineyards as your backdrop? We think not.

2. This contemporary Toronto bathroom is something of a showpiece, thanks to its freestanding wood tub set against a blue encaustic tile accent wall.

3. Think of a master bathroom as your own private retreat. Take tips from this stylish space in Ottawa, which features a tub surrounded by a stunning stone wall for a comfy cottage feel.

4. Take after the experts and create a dreamy hotel-style bathroom like this elegant ensuite with lavish Calcutta marble tiles and an acrylic tub at its centre.

5. This luxe suite in downtown Vancouver reveals a major upside of condo life: the potential for oh-so-glorious views. The ensuite’s sleek soaker bath and modern aesthetic are equally impressive.

6. A sophisticated country-style Calgary bathroom that’s sure to pull at our Canadian heartstrings… because gazing at a wintry backdrop will only bring us closer to bath time bliss.

7.   Monochromatic spaces are often the most soothing. Here, a taupe-hued bathroom with a built-in tub features a two-way fireplace that peeks into the adjacent master bedroom. Yes, please.

8. A serene white tub with a simple silhouette creates a dramatic impact when standing on its own, especially when framed by scenic views of the Laurentian Mountains in Quebec.

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