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Should I Move Out When My Home is on the Market?

Moving Out While Your Home Is Listed

#AskFM: Moving Out While Your Home Is Listed

The logistics of putting your home on the market often raises the same question, “Should I move out during the listing period?”. The Fox Marin team took to Instagram stories yesterday to answer this question and provide as much valuable feedback as we could! Check out our opinions on moving out while your home is listed:


Kori Marin

Managing Partner, Sales Representative and Staging Expert Kori Marin says that the seller doesn’t have to move out while their home is listed, but she often recommends it. She suggests that you stay with a family member or rent short term through a service like Airbnb.


Ralph Fox

Broker of Record and Managing Partner Ralph Fox thinks it’s always best to have your property vacant while it’s on the market. A vacant home ensures that it stays in pristine condition between showings.


Ian Busher

Ian Busher, Sales Representative, echoes Ralph’s response and recommends that you move out of your house if at all possible. He also points out that your listing will stay clean, tidy and smell-free if you’re not there.


Jessica Spillas

Our Business Development Manager Jessica Spillas points out that moving out of your home while it’s listed has other benefits too! You can be much more flexible with last-minute showings if you’re not living in the space.


Tal Shelef

Sales Representative Tal Shelef believes that it’s not always necessary to move out, as long as you keep an open schedule to allow for last-minute showings.


Kelly Mazur

Kelly Mazur, Marketing Manager, agrees that moving out is easiest. Imagine attempting to cook dinner when your agent calls with a potential buyer, who wants to see your home immediately. Not only to do you need to leave as quickly as possible, but now your home might smell like food!


Carol Duong

Carol Duong, Sales Representative, reminds us that it’s really up to the seller – but moving out does allow for the home to be properly staged.