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What Is An Exclusive Listing?

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How Do I Save Money On A Kitchen Renovation?

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An Easier Way To Get You Sold Starts Here!

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What Is A Real Estate Deposit?

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01/24 - Renovation

How Can I Quickly and Easily Renovate My Bathroom?

6 Ways to Update Your Bathroom In One Weekend

Quick and Easy Ways to do a Bathroom Renovation

Whether you’re trying to increase home value or just want to create a relaxing bathroom retreat for yourself, there are quick and easy ways for you to do a bathroom renovation in one weekend. Don’t believe it? Keep reading…


6 Ways to do a Quick Bathroom Renovation In One Weekend

We’re sharing our top six suggestions for a bathroom renovation. Each of them can be completed before the weekend is over!


1. Replace Your Standard Shower Head

One of the fastest ways to take your bathroom from average to luxury is to buy a spa shower head. One of our favourites? Square Rain Shower Heads from a supplier like Hudson Reed. There’s a wide variety of affordable shower heads available at stores like Home Depot or Lowes – even the hotel-like rain shower design!


2. Update Your Cabinet Hardware

It takes less than an hour to unscrew the cheap builder’s hardware on your cabinets and replace them with something more stylish! This is also an update that even the least handy homeowner can tackle on their own. We love the geometric knobs from Shayne Fox Hardware.


3. Change Your Light Fixtures

An easy yet dramatic update for your bathroom, is to change your light fixtures. From modern to rustic – the style of light fixture you add to your bathroom can set the tone for the rest of your decor.


4. Replace Your Mirror

Often one of the most dull and uninspiring aspects of most bathrooms, is the plain builder’s mirror above the sink! Head to your favourite home decor or furniture store, and pick out a mirror that better matches your style. Toss out that plain frameless mirror, and opt for one that makes a statement instead! If you want to keep this project on-budget, HomeSense is a great place to start shopping.


5. Update Your Fixtures

If a new vanity, countertop and sink are out of the question, the next best thing to change is your faucets. Towel bar racks and toilet roll holders are easy things to swap out as well! Choose fixtures that all have a similar finish for a sleek look that feels high end.


6. Buy A New Shower Curtain

We love the look of modern shower doors, but if your home has a bathtub-shower combo, then a great shower curtain is a necessity. Invest in a high-quality shower curtain made of heavy, durable material for a high end look.



This article is written by Fox Marin Sales Representative, Ian Busher. With an extensive background in carpentry and contracting, Ian is our resident “Renovations Expert”! He takes pride in his ability to assess the quality and condition of a house. This, in tandem with his talent for speaking to the feasibility and cost of potential renovations, and his eye for the aesthetic details of a property, makes him a powerful partner for anyone looking to buy a home in the Toronto real estate market.