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An Easier Way To Get You Sold Starts Here!

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Is This The Best Paint Colour To Use?

Is This The Best Paint Colour To Use?

Before listing your home on the market, one of the most common touch-ups is a fresh coat of paint. But, what is the best paint colour to use when you want to add value to your home and get it ready for the market? Between our years of experience in Real Estate and Staging, we can confidently say that there’s one colour that stands out above the rest.

We’re talking about Ivory.

Today we’re breaking down the top five reasons why Ivory is the best paint colour to use:

1. It’s Gives The Illusion Of More Space

It’s no secret that lighter walls make a room feel bigger, and Ivory is no exception. Especially in smaller condos, Ivory paint can help to make your space appear larger – especially when the ceiling is painted the same colour too!

2. It’s Softer Than White

Unlike the ‘white wall’ craze that hit the design world in 2016, Ivory provides a warmer tone than harsh white walls. This makes the space feel more welcoming to potential buyers who visit your home.

3. It Pairs Well With Cool Tones And Warm Tones

You can pair Ivory walls with an icy grey couch, or a moss green headboard – either way, the walls look great! No need to worry about ‘cool tones’ versus ‘warm tones’ when it comes to your decor when you use Ivory paint.

4. It Flatters Virtually Any Piece of Furniture

Whether your home will be staged with your own furniture or rented furniture, you can be sure that Ivory coloured walls will match anything. From ‘rustic’ to ‘contemporary’, your walls will work seamlessly with any decor style.

5. It’s Easy To Paint Over

No matter what colour you choose, the new owner will likely want to re-paint the walls in the colour of their choice. When a potential buyer is thinking about this scenario, they’ll be much happier painting over Ivory walls than a bold red or black accent wall.

Looking for the perfect Ivory? Decorators and Stylists often recommend “925 Ivory White” by Benjamin Moore.

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