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Beyond the Smart Lock Device: The Smart Doorbell

Beyond the Smart Lock Device- The Smart Doorbell |

Today we’re taking you beyond the smart lock device: the smart doorbell is here! First came the smart lock, a sleek device that allows users to lock and unlock their doors with ease using their smartphone. One model (called the August Smart Lock) can even create virtual keys for guests, and enables homeowners to see and speak to anyone who approaches the door.


With all the advancements in smart home technology, other start-up companies are quickly taking note, developing similarly high-tech products catered to the modern city dweller. One of the latest devices worthy of attention is Ding, a beautifully-designed smart doorbell with an equally beautiful concept.


How it works: Just like any other doorbell, the elegant Ding button is to be installed beside your front door. There’s also a second element to the product: a chic cylindrical fabric-covered speaker that’s to live inside your home, which chimes whenever the doorbell rings. You can even change the tune of the chime to one that better suits your lifestyle. The third and final component of the device is a free smartphone app that connects to the product, ensuring you immediately receive a call whenever someone rings the bell.


The beauty of the device is in its simplicity. It’s smart and incredibly user friendly. One of the main benefits touted by the product’s founders is its ability to have you speak to anyone at your door before you open it, or even if you’re not home. If you find yourself out of town when a long-awaited delivery arrives, for instance, you can speak to the UPS driver directly to provide instructions. As the website claims, you officially get to “carry your doorbell with you wherever you go.”


While not yet on sale, the makers of Ding have launched a Kickstarter campaign to make the product a reality. Check it out here!