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What Can I Learn About My Home From the Attic?

Here's What You Can Learn From An Attic_fox marin

If There Isn’t a Flat Roof, Check if There’s an Attic Hatch.

When I go out to look at a home with a buyer or potential seller I always look to see if there is an attic hatch if it isn’t a flat roof. Why? There is a lot of good information you can learn from an attic space, just the same as if a basement is unfinished. Not to mention, if it’s already there, I see that as a plus because making a new one can be a costly and messy project. In addition, if we don’t have time to use a building inspector, there are a few things you or I can at least check on with a quick glance.  


5 Things You Can Learn About Your Attic

Here’s what you can learn from an attic, the next time you find yourself in one:

  1. Are the bathroom fans actually properly routed from the bathroom ceiling to the roof above? If not, hot, wet air can be filling your attic space creating mould.
  2. Do you have any or enough insulation up there? Today’s Ontario building code asks for a very high R value of insulation. Sadly, most older Toronto homes without upgrades are not up to snuff.
  3. If you suspect knob and tube wiring but there is no where else in the house to check, this might be the area to look. This is where exposed wiring to upper floor ceiling fixtures would let you know about this potential problem.
  4. Is there ample ventilation? In a peaked roof there should be vents in the soffits and close to the ridge. This allows the air in the attic to keep moving through. In fact, it’s especially true in the summer when it can be really hot underneath those shingles.
  5. Lastly, having access to this area of the house might be able to tell you a few things. For example, if there has been any pest problems up there or troubles with the singles or roof boards. These are things you may not be able to see by looking at the roof from the outside across the street.


The Advantages

Many people don’t realize access to the attic is a great asset. It can help you right away or down the road someday if you end up owning that property. Next time you look at a home for sale, check and see if it has one. Or take us with you and we will check for you.



This article is written by Fox Marin Sales Representative, Ian Busher. With an extensive background in carpentry and contracting, Ian is our resident “Renovations Expert”! He takes pride in his ability to assess the quality and condition of a house. This, in tandem with his talent for speaking to the feasibility and cost of potential renovations, and his eye for the aesthetic details of a property, makes him a powerful partner for anyone looking to buy a home in the Toronto real estate market.