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09/04 - Staging

Where to Look for Interior Design Inspiration

Interior Design Inspiration Online |

Interior Design Inspiration Online

The world wide web is full of blogs, websites and online magazines. In fact, you’ll see sites for design DIY, sourcing the latest furniture and design trends (plus more budget-friendly alternatives) and vision boards galore. Where do you go for interior design inspiration online?


10 Influential Interior Design Inspiration Blogs and Websites

This was a tough article to write. Not only did I need to narrow my go-to sites to ten, but I also had to limit my time spent on these sites. There is so much interior design inspiration out there!

Now for me, each site you’ll see here is affirmation that there is so much beauty, creativity, inspiration and innovation in our global design community. These are my digital happy places. 


1. Est

Interior Design Inspiration Online: Est Living |

Est Living is an Australian website and online magazine featuring “unforgettable spaces and inspired design” – their words. My words? Swoon-worthy spaces that make me want to pack my bags and move to Australia. Almost every space featured inspires me and sends my interior goals soaring!


2. The New

Interior Design Inspiration Online: The New |

Another design website from down under, featuring the very best in new design from New Zealand – and from around the world. The New is not limited to interior design. They also showcase homeware, furniture, contemporary craft, interior styling, graphic design and branding. They’ve nailed the wow factor!


3. Dwell

Interior Design Inspiration Online: Dwell |

Long before I started following Dwell online, I had a subscription to the magazine which I devoured monthly. Dwell features modern, innovative and often sustainable architecture, interiors and products. One of my many real estate goals is a modern prefab home in the midst of a staggeringly beautiful natural setting – inspired by the pages of Dwell.


4. Coco Lapine Design

Interior Design Inspiration Online: Coco Lapine Design |

Coco Lapine delivers a daily dose of interior inspiration to my inbox every morning. Created by a Belgian designer living in Munich, it’s like she scours the internet to find amazing spaces and delivers them on a silver platter, just for me. Well, because she kind of does. The website also features an online art shop offering prints created by the artist.


5. Fantastic Frank

Interior Design Online: Fantastic Frank |

Talk about staging goals!! And European real estate goals! Fantastic Frank is a European real estate agency with stunningly curated properties. Their focus on design and visual communication has made them one of the world’s best known real estate brands … next to Fox Marin, of course.


6. VosgesParis

Interior Design Inspiration Online: Vogseparis |

Vosgeparis is a Dutch design blog (who knew – I always thought it was from Paris) where “minimalism and Scandinavian simplicity meets industrial and black.” The styling and photography are impeccable. As they should be, Desiree – the creator, collaborates with brands to cover the latest news in the design world with her own creative styling.


7. Copycat Chic

Interior Design Online: Copycat Chic |

Copycat Chic is the ultimate source site. Daily Finds offers high and low options for many popular home furnishing items. Room Redos feature a curated room and a link to the products showcased. The only problem? It’s an American website (no, I’m not getting political here), so unless you have a U.S. mailing address for some of the brands, you’re out of luck in Canada. When will World Market start shipping to Canada?


8. My Paradissi

Interior Design Online: My Paradissi |

Greek architect and interior designer, Eleni, started My Paradissi to gather her inspiration and use it for motivation. I want to thank her very much! She shares her mood boards – she can dress me and style my home any day – and I love the fun links (to products and other posts) that she posts most weekends. Studio Paradissi is an Etsy store with downloadable art prints – watch for them in an upcoming Fox Marin staging!


9. Remodelista

Interior Design Online: Remodelista |

Remodelista describes themselves as “the definitive sourcebook for the considered home, with obsessively curated remodelling guides, daily design dispatches, and ideas for every room” and it’s true. Editors select the 10 best from hundreds of home furnishing categories in 10 Easy Pieces. Remodelista is packed with DIY tips, Ikea hacks, before and after stories, inspiration galore … and real estate goal #1024, a spectacular church conversion.


10. The Good Trade

Interior Design Online: Good Trade |

The Good Trade is more lifestyle than design – covering “conscious fashion, beauty, food, wellness, travel and lifestyle for the thoughtful woman and man”. The Daily Good is delivered to my inbox every morning offering thoughtful reading, musical inspiration, and eco-conscious fashion, home and beauty finds. Be careful, it’s really easy to justify an unnecessary purchase because it’s somehow good for the planet and supports a worthy cause. Yup, guilty. I now have about two dozen stainless steel straws because they are so much better for the planet. I only need one…and none of them are in my purse when I need them.


Where Do You Go For Online Interior Design Inspiration?

Ready to grab your coffee and enjoy? I highly recommend that you set a timer – it’s easy to get lost in the pages of any of these blogs or websites and a few minutes can turn into a few hours, can turn into your day!

Please let me know your favourite places for interior design inspiration online! I’ll grab my coffee (ahem, wine), set my timer and get lost in your digital happy places.



This article is written by Kathy Mighton, Project Manager and Lead Designer here at Fox Marin Associates. She is FM Design’s creator of well-crafted spaces that inspire and impress! A true design enthusiast, there are not enough walls or surfaces in Kathy’s life to display all the art that she loves.