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Considering Investing in the Toronto Real Estate Market? Let’s Talk.

Toronto is one of the safest and most sought-after real estate markets in the world. It’s easy to make a transaction happen, but Fox Marin helps you make the right transaction happen. We consider your lifestyle and long-term financial future so that you can make the choices that will propel you forward.

When it comes to the equity in your home or managing and growing assets in your real-estate portfolio, you need a committed and competent team in place, consultants who are always available and in it for the long haul, even long after the transaction has been completed.

With over 25 years of combined investing experience, Fox Marin has the contacts and the expertise necessary to help you take your investment to the next level. Send us a note to find out more.


“Ninety Percent of All Millionaires Become so Through Real Estate.” — Andrew Carnegie (1901)

Technology visionaries and Lotto Max winners aside, the same holds true today. The recent subprime crisis and resulting financial turmoil in the US and Europe proves that nothing beats the tangible financial security of real estate investment. The question is: How do you make sense of the market and take advantage of all that it has to offer?

With over 25 years of success in investments locally and abroad, Fox Marin Associates offers expert guidance to help you navigate one of the most desirable and lucrative real estate markets in the world. We bring the same level of commitment and discipline to our clients as we do to our own investment portfolios, and deliver the unparalleled results that you need from your real estate ventures.

Early in the process, we host an Investment Intake Session, where we clarify your thinking on the type of real estate investments that are right for you. We dedicate time and energy into this critical first step because gaining a more thorough understanding of your investment goals will allow us to guide you to make smarter decisions over time.

Some of the essentials covered in the Investment Intake Session:

Key Information on Toronto Investment Opportunities:

  • Understanding the Toronto market
  • Why invest in Toronto?

Considerations for Smart Investing:

  • Tips for first-time investors
  • Investing in pre-construction condos
  • Improving and selling a property
  • Basement apartments or income properties
  • Multi-family properties
  • Adding value to a home

Outlining Your Objectives and Expectations:

  • Making an offer
  • Closing and what comes next

Considering making an investment in the Toronto real estate market? Connect with us today to learn how we can guide you to higher financial returns.

For details on Fox Marin’s investment webinars, please request more information here.

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