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What Is An Exclusive Listing?

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An Easier Way To Get You Sold Starts Here!

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What Is A Real Estate Deposit?

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01/22 - Careers

Join Fox Marin’s Exclusive Real Estate Team Brokerage

Rise with The Fox Marin Team:

This opportunity is not for everybody, and that’s okay. At Fox Marin, we are more than just beautiful branding, curated properties & masterful storytelling. Intrigued?

We embody a culture where everybody strives to become the best versions of themselves in an environment where we genuinely think, act & move in unison with one common goal: to provide the best client experience. Anywhere.

From day one at Fox Marin, our core belief has always been that if we take the best care of our clients and provide the highest level of service, our business’s growth and success will ultimately take care of itself. Does this resonate with you?

Fox Marin offers something you cannot find anywhere else in the real estate industry.

Should you wish to level up in a collaborative, hyper-creative, innovative & supportive environment with high standards, professionalism, and accountability? Fox Marin may be the right place for you.

We are a learning team operating as a cohesive brand and brokerage where everyone collaborates, celebrates, shares a laugh and has each other’s back. As you may know, real estate can be a very solitary, cutthroat business. But there is a better way.

We are a place where everyone’s voice matters and has a seat at the table. We are constantly sharing experiences, growing & learning from one another as we believe that a rising tide lifts all boats.

Fox Marin’s leadership doesn’t just lead; they inspire excellence in every team member, developing professional and personal growth. Our integrity is non-negotiable, our character steadfast, and our word is our bond. We are more than “just nice”.

We are relentless. We thrive in adversity. We are always committed to our teammates, clients, brand vision, & shared values. Does being part of one of Toronto’s hardest-working & most innovative teams interest you?

Our Guiding Principle:

At Fox Marin, at our core, we are a client-focused company. From day one, it has always been our belief that if we take the best possible care of our clients and provide the highest level of service, our business’s growth and success will ultimately take care of itself. At Fox Marin, we focus exactly where it belongs: on our clients. As a company and as individuals, we make every decision based on the answer to the following two questions:

  1. Is it in our client’s best interest?
  2. Will this help us deliver or improve on providing a seamless customer experince?

At Fox Marin, our values are our North Star, clearly defining who we are and how we show up every single day:


1/ Integrity
2/ Communication & Transparency
3/ Creativity, Innovation & Originality
4/ Long Term Thinking
5/ Hardworking
6/ Relentlessness
7/ Growth & Expansion
8/ Energy, Vitality & Resilience

Fox Marin Values

At Fox Marin, our focus is where it should be – on our clients. In all of our interactions, it’s the little things we do that matter the most that, in turn, create trusting and long-term rewarding relationships. We set ourselves apart by delivering a thoughtful and personalized customer experience. At all times, we continuously strive to ensure that our clients feel important and well looked after. Our mission is to protect our client’s long-term best interests with every decision and action.

Join us, and be part of the team that’s not just participating in the market but driving it.

So, why join Fox Marin? Here, you’re not just an individual agent; you’re part of collective success, expertise, and unparalleled client service. Whether buying, selling, investing, leasing, staging or marketing, our team is best-in-class at what they do (and they happen to be fun too)!

Before Applying:

1/ Learn more about us on our YouTube Channel.

2/ Read some of our perspectives on our Blog Page.

3/ Check out our Instagram & Facebook Pages.

4/ And be sure to check out our 355+ Google Reviews.

If this speaks to you, we would love to learn more about you!

To apply for an agent or broker position with our team, please fill out our online questionnaire by following the link below so we can learn a little more about you. Take your time with the application; we appreciate creative, humorous, relatable answers!

We look forward to meeting our next Real Estate Rockstar.