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What Is An Exclusive Listing?

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An Easier Way To Get You Sold Starts Here!

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What Is A Real Estate Deposit?

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03/17 - Buying, Investing

What to do in Lower East Side Toronto

FM Neighbourhood Guide: Lower East Side Toronto |

Lower East Side Toronto

When you think “Lower East Side”, naturally, the word likely evokes images of an eclectic New York City streetscape. You’re probably picturing gritty alleyways and tenement-style buildings contrasted by chic apartments and upscale boutiques; while the dusk beckons a hip and youthful crowd gravitating to the neighbourhood’s trendy watering holes and restaurants. This is what you’ll start to see in Lower East Side Toronto.
As gentrification and density intensifies in the City of Toronto, we’re going to see our own Lower East Side (the area bound by Jarvis, Queen St E, the Gardiner Expressway and the Don River), which includes the burgeoning Canary District, begin to flourish and emulate our bustling city neighbour to the south.
This amalgamation of neighbourhoods is more commonly known as Corktown, Canary District, the Distillery District, and St. Lawrence Market. 

9 Things to do in Lower East Side Toronto

Whether you’re looking for a place to visit or a location to live around, there are many things to do in Lower East Side Toronto. It’s quickly becoming a hot destination to work, live, and play. This is why Lower East Side Toronto is an area that continues to be one of my favourite’s for both investors and end-users alike. Here’s what you’ll find:

  1. Coffee: Odin Cafe and Bar – a design centric, Scandinavian inspired cafe and bar. Must-try: vegan tacos
  2. Drinks: The Aviary – an airy brewpub with scratch-made snacks and sandwiches, plenty of TVs, and an expansive patio. Must-try: Woodhouse sour ale
  3. Brunch: Souk Tabule – this Lebanese outpost offers traditional coffee, pastries and lots of vegan/vegetarian options to enjoy in a modern setting with tonnes of natural light. Must-try: beet dip/spread
  4. Quick Lunch: Mom And Pops – this warm and friendly atmosphere is an unpretentious and affordable family-run cafe. It’s a great option for lunch or weekend brunch. Must-try: turkey club
  5. Delicious Take-Out: Sukhothai – absolutely delicious and always fresh, classic Thai fare, offering spring rolls to curries, in a casual setting. Must-try: red curry chicken
  6. An Epicurean Experience: Richmond Station – offering locally sourced ingredients and in-house butchered meat with excellent and welcoming service. Must-try: their tasting menu
  7. Carb Load: George – refined space with a secluded courtyard made for the lover of authentic yet elevated Italian foods. What to order: 5-course vegetarian tasting menu!
  8. Get Your Fitness On: KooperKoo YMCA – 8,200 square foot facility offering everything from an olympic sized swimming pool, basketball court, expansive gym, and so much more.
  9. Enjoy Your Weekends: Underpass Park – home several public art piece designed by award-winning Toronto artists and acts as a recreation space for children and adults, and community events such as concerts, Farmer’s Markets and more!


Why You are Going to See Your Investment Flourish in Lower East Side Toronto


East Harbour Development

Currently, the largest commercial development in Canada, the East Harbour is going to bring new life to the old Unilever site southeast of River & Fifth Condos. With a commitment to bringing 50,000+ jobs to the 60 acre site, the development is set to become Toronto’s new Employment District. In fact, the development is four times the size of The Well currently under construction at Front and Spadina.

What does this mean for investors? With new job opportunities flooding the area, there will be huge demand for rentals from high quality professionals. Keeping in mind that rent control is exempt on all new builds, keeping you and your investment protected.


Future Transit Hub

With the addition of East Harbour and new transit infrastructure, rentals will continue to command high rental rates. At the same time, there will be a serious value increase to residential properties.

East Harbour is also going to become one of Toronto’s largest transit hubs, connecting multiple transit lines including the new Ontario Line. The Ontario Line will add a subway stop to Sumach and Queen, just a seven minute walk from River & Fifth Condos. If there’s one thing we know for sure, it’s that property values favour transit.

Residents of River and Fifth Condos will eventually have a new island added to their already stunning views. To protect the West Don Lands from floods, there are plans to reconstruct the mouth of the Don River. From its current artificial channel, a new river valley will cut out a new Toronto island in the process.

Villiers Island will be an ecological masterpiece with wetlands, parks, and trails. You can read all of the details on Toronto’s new island here.




This article is written by Urban enthusiast and food/travel junkie, Jessica Elizabeth Spillas. As the firm’s multi-talented Business Development Manager and Sales Representative, she is able to pair her passionate approach to buying, selling and investing in Toronto Real Estate with her flair for design and digital marketing. With this in mind, Jessica delivers unparalleled service with every interaction and works hard to keep her clients and colleagues organized and working at top-notch efficiency.