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12/14 - Buying

Part III: The Insider on Toronto’s “Real” Real Estate Buyers | The New City, New Home Buyer

Toronto's "Real" Real Estate Buyers: The New City, New Home Buyer | Fox Marin Blog

Toronto’s “Real” Real Estate Buyers

Who are these people that are actually real people buying “real” real estate?! I’m talking about those buyers that have real jobs, real stories, and a real commitment to make it happen. Especially in the Toronto real estate market, where the competition is real, buying a home isn’t easy.

This is part three of our three-part feature series on Toronto’s “real” real estate buyers, all of which are Fox Marin clients. Direct from the source, we interviewed three smart, savvy and fun clients to share their insider tips on home buying. Take a look at the journey of our next awesome buyer clients who has made a purchase with me, in the last year or two.

Missed part one and? Here’s The Upgrader and The First-Time Condo Buyerinterviews.

Meet the “New City, New Home Buyer”

In the third of this three-part series, we’re featuring one of Toronto’s “real” real estate buyers: the new city, new home buyer. A Scarborough native and Toronto real estate newbie, she’s a big-time dog lover, a shoe designer wannabe, and a non-believer in plastic Christmas trees. This environmentally conscious, hyper-smart and super hilarious thirty-something rode the highs and lows of acquiring a Leslieville-semi when the market was absolutely bananas! We’re talking twenty offers on a dumpy house off of Gerrard-kind of crazy. And, she happened to be house hunting while her husband was working overseas. So, she would send him property videos and they would FaceTime before bidding on a potential home.

Check out her interview…

How did you meet Kori at Fox Marin Associates?

A friend gave us Kori’s name when we were looking to buy in Leslieville.

What was it like meeting Kori for the first time?

Heaven! Kori introduced us to El Catrin in the Distillery District, and came fully prepared with all the market stats and comparables on the area we were interested in purchasing.

Do you remember the first property you saw together?

No 🙁 But, I know I had fun seeing it!

What was one thing you didn’t expect about the home buying process?

I didn’t expect how difficult it is to actually have the winning bid!

What is something new you learned about buying a property?

Your “personal story” matters to some sellers. In my case, I wasn’t actually the highest bid, but the sellers genuinely wanted us to have the house more than another couple – a win for us.

Tell us about anything funny or unusual that took place during your search.

There was a hideous red plastic chandelier covered in dust; it was hanging in the kitchen of an otherwise empty house. So weird.

What do you wish you knew about buying a home before you started searching for a property?

I wish I knew how much we would actually end up paying for a house.

What was the first thing you were willing to give up on your wish list of must-haves for your property?


What was one thing you were absolutely not willing to give up on your wish list?


If you could go back in time and speak to your twenty-something self, what advice would you give as one of Toronto’s real estate buyers?

Definitely, go all in!

What’s your favourite thing about your current home and the neighbourhood you live in?

Our house is detached with a park behind it. You can walk everywhere in Leslieville. It’s close to downtown, but quiet and friendly.

If you had a budget of $100,000.00 to renovate your current property, what would you do with it?

I would raise my ceilings and add a third floor. Or, I’d also reconfigure the basement.

If you had unlimited funds, where would you live in Toronto and what dream house would you buy?

Leslieville! I would want our current house, but bigger!!!

What advice would you give to a first-time home buyer?

Prepare to spend as much as you can muster. And, see if your family can help!

What did I learn as their buyer agent?

As the buyer agent forThe Upgrader, The First-Time Condo Buyer and The New City, New Home Buyer,I learned a lot. I loved how dedicated they all were to the home buying process – it wasn’t a passive goal, it was a mission. And, in a competitive market, looking for a home is a part-time job that requires daily commitment and attention. I also really appreciated that all of these buyers knew what they wanted and had an unwavering goal to live their desired location. And, I know that it’s not our job to “sell” a property to anyone. In all three of these purchases, I felt I acted as their advocate, their coach, and their friend – definitely not some douchey realtor trying to swing a deal to make a buck!

I’m very grateful to have all three of these super stellar females as clients and friends. Also, I’m so proud of everything they’ve accomplished in real estate and beyond! I can’t wait to see what their next moves might be. What’s yours? Let’s connect and talk real estate!

This article is written by Kori Marin, Managing Partner and Broker at Fox Marin Associates. With a passion for Scandinavian design and all-things-Toronto, Kori brings her own brand of charismatic energy, creative integrity, and expertise to her work.