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How to Find Art for Your Home

Six Inexpensive Wall Art Options | Fox Marin Blog

Don’t Go Bare, Dress Your Home With Wall Art.

You don’t have to break the bank to fill your home with wall art that you love. In fact, you should never fill your walls with art you don’t love. There are too many options for any excuses.

We love art-filled homes. Really, they are the finishing touch that makes your home, yours. And, it’s not as daunting as you might think to dress your walls. Keep in mind – you’re not limited to art. Now, if you’re not sure what your style is, it’s easy to find out. Chances are, the art that “speaks to you” will match your overall sense of style. And, by “speak to you”, we mean wall art that makes you smile, evokes your happy place, and makes you want to unwind after a long day and enjoy your artwork. Most importantly, it’s art that you just like. Don’t worry about getting matchy-matchy – if you love it, it will work. Take a look at the six ways you can dress your home with wall art without overspending.


1. Prints

Without an eye for design, you might not know where to begin when it comes to adding art to your walls. Prints are the easiest and least expensive way to fill your walls and there are so many options. Grab a print and frame it! You can order prints both framed and unframed, canvases, murals, tapestries, and our favourite – wood wall panels. This is a huge – huge –statement, at a minimal investment.

Print from PI Creative Art | FM Design

[source: PI Creative Art]


2. DIY Art

Ready to get creative? There are a lot of great do-it-yourself options, where many sellers offer downloadable prints that are quite affordable. It’s so easy and takes just three steps:

  1. Download your art
  2. Send it to your local print shop; and lastly,
  3. Buy some an inexpensive frame.

DIY Wall Art from Etsy | FM Design

[source: Etsy]

Another thing you can do with DIY wall art is turn to your kids, nieces and nephews. You’d be amazed at how great their art and self-portraits look when you frame them and showcase the tiny talent.

Fox Marin Pro Tip: We’re big fans of black and white photography for more consistency.

Once you’ve created a few master pieces, pull it all together in a gallery wall. And remember, don’t be afraid to mix and match.


3. Original Art

If you’re ready to start investing in original art – lucky you! You’ll find many reasonably priced art pieces at local fairs. Or, you can hit the streets of Toronto and spend a day wandering the galleries. You’re bound to find something you love.

Original Art by Tammy Ratcliff | FM Design

[source: Love Rays by Tammy Ratcliff via Canvas Art Gallery]

However, don’t be in a huge rush to find original art. It’s easy to get overwhelmed. If it’s not love at first sight, sometimes it’s best to walk away. If you’re still thinking about a certain piece after a day or two, go back for another visit and see if it still speaks to you.


4. Mirrors

What’s not to love about an oversized statement mirror? Pair it with a large plant or a small side chair and you’ve got a wall that’s dressed to the nines. Or, you can’t go wrong with an on-trend, ginormous round mirror – or a group of smaller round mirrors.

Sobu Oakland Round Mirror | FM Design

[source: Sobu Oakland]


5. Murals

A mural is a great way to bring a lot of drama or a little less drama into your space. Most are self-adhesive (easy to install). Take a look at this dark and moody mural that we love.

Wall Mural from Etsy | FM Design

[source: Etsy]

If you’re not so daring, you can always go with choices like an ombre mural – something that’s on-trend and is sure to make a huge statement.


6. Textiles

Macrame wall hangings are huge. Or, maybe somewhere in your travels you picked up a gorgeous sari, vintage ikat, stunning ethnic fabrics. Hang them as wall art – every time you look at them you’ll be transported back to your epic journey. Plus nomadic design is super on trend right now.

Textile Wall Art from Etsy | FM Design


[source: Etsy]


Remember to have fun with your wall art.

See? There are so many options to find inspiration and dress your walls. Have fun! Find the art that makes you happy and fits your budget.

Still overwhelmed? We love art – and we love design. FM Design Services offers a la carte design and we’d love to help you find that art that you love.


This article is written by Kathy Mighton, Project Manager and Lead Designer here at Fox Marin Associates. She is FM Design’s creator of well-crafted spaces that inspire and impress! A true design enthusiast, there are not enough walls or surfaces in Kathy’s life to display all the art that she loves.