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12/22 - Trends

Top 5 Holiday Gift Ideas for the Homeowner

Top 5 Holiday Gift Ideas for Homeowners | Fox Marin Blog

Holiday Gift Ideas for Homeowners

If you’ve turned on a TV, listened to the radio, or walked into any store in the last few of weeks, you will have gotten that “gentle” reminder. It’s come in the form of Christmas jingles, tinsel trimmings, and beautifully adorned twinkle lights. All of which have been heralding the biggest deadline of the year – December 25th. Holiday gift ideas would be great right about now.

Because if you are like rest of us, you might be feeling a little bit stressed out. You’re realizing that Christmas is only a few days away and your holiday shopping list is still under “to do”. We want to help refine your search for the perfect gift and take the work out of the “what do I get this person” blues. That’s why we’re sharing our top five holiday gift ideas!

The Top 5 Holiday Gift Ideas

Take a look at the top five holiday gift ideas that any homeowner on your list will soon never live without. Because who doesn’t love a gift they can use for the biggest purchase of their lives?

1. Dyson V7 Complete

Dyson V7 Complete | Holiday Gift Ideas
[Source: Flickr]

If you already own a Dyson of any kind, you know that this is hands down, one of the best investments you can ever make for your home. With its unmatched high suction power, versatility, and modular design, this household must-have makes it to the top of our holiday gift ideas. This slim and light cordless vacuum will change your life the moment you unpackage the perfectly assembled box. The Dyson V7 Complete can go anywhere and suction fibres and dust trapped deep in your home that a normal vacuum cannot. It’ll also cut vacuuming down by at least half the time. And, it’ll make the air quality in your home noticeably cleaner from the very first time you use it.

This is an ideal gift for anyone who has pets, allergies, or lots of floor space either hardwood or carpet. And, if you don’t have one for yourself, you better get two!

2. Amazon Echo with Alexa

Amazon Echo | Holiday Gift Ideas
[Source: Unsplash]

What makes the Amazon Echo so great is its versatility and competitive price point compared to similar home devices on the market. The Echo will connect to cloud-based virtual assistant “Alexa” to help with your day-to-day tasks. Ask Alexa to help you with making calls, setting timers and alarms, answering questions, providing information, checking the weather, managing to-do and shopping lists, and controlling smart home devices. With its powerful bluetooth speaker, the Echo will also double as the sound system for your next holiday party. This way, everyone can dance to the musical stylings of Michael Buble, loud and clear.

3. NEST Thermostat

NEST Thermostat | Holiday Gift Ideas
[Source: Flickr]

Next on our list of holiday gift ideas is the Nest thermostat. Nest features a variety of smart home devices that would please any tech-inclined homeowner. But, our favourite in terms of functionality and practicality goes to the Learning Thermostat. Not only does the sleek, contemporary design add a modern touch to any home, the proven energy savings it deploys will also pay for itself in two years or less! With syncing across all devices, use your Amazon Echo or smartphone to control the temperature in your home from anywhere. Nest even turns itself down when you’re out of the house. And, it provides real-time analytics so you can monitor how much energy you are using every day. This easy-to-use device is something the whole family can use and enjoy regardless of their individual level of experience with technology.

4. Riedel Decanter

Decanter | Holiday Gift Ideas
[Source: Flickr]

For a less techy vibe, you can never go wrong with gifting a well-designed wine decanter.  What’s so special about a decanter, you ask? Aside from it being a sophisticated jewelled centrepiece on any dinner table, you accomplish two things when you decant red wine. You’ll:

  1. Allow the wine to breathe, releasing the aromas that have been trapped in the bottle for however many years, adding a fuller flavour to the wine; and
  2. Separate the sediment from the wine that settles at the bottom of the bottle.

Even for the occasional or non-drinking individuals on your list, the decanter can be used for display purposes on a kitchen shelf, bar cart, or dining room credenza. And, it’ll certainly become useful over the holidays when hosting large groups or family. Our favourite is the Riedel Syrah Crystal Decanter, for its design, quality, and durability.

5. Apple TV

Apple TV | Holiday Gift Ideas
[Source: Flickr]

Last but not least, on our list of holiday gift ideas is the Apple TV. Let’s face it – with digital subscription services such as Netflix and Hulu, as we begin to enter 2019, Cable TV is a dying breed. People are only interested in on-demand, commercial free content. That’s why Apple TV makes such a great gift that can replace a cable TV subscription all-together. Because, no one likes those surprise monthly utility bills in the mail (Amiright?). The Apple TV app lets you browse content from over 100 video services and applications all in one place. It will handpick recommendations for movies and TV shows based on your user history and can sync with your iphone and ipad so if you stop watching on one device, you can easily continue watching on the other from anywhere!

What’s on your Holiday Gift List?

Have your own recommendation for holiday gift ideas for the new homeowner? Leave us your tips in the comments section, we’d love to hear all about it!

This article is written by Urban enthusiast and food/travel junkie, Jessica Elizabeth Spillas. As the firm’s multi-talented Business Development Manager and Sales Representative, she is able to pair her passionate approach to buying, selling and investing in Toronto Real Estate with her flair for design and digital marketing. With this in mind, Jessica delivers unparalleled service with every interaction and works hard to keep her clients and colleagues organized and working at top-notch efficiency.