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04/05 - Trends

Top Toronto Fuel Foods on The Run for the Fast & the Fanatics

Toronto's Top Fuel Foods on the go

Since we spend a lot of time driving from one side of the city to the other (and back again), we thought we would count down our top Toronto fuel foods on the run that get us through a busy week on the go. And, since we like to spread the love, we thought our healthy food tips might inspire you along the way, because in our line of work, we are never at home to cook meals. Like, ever. But around these parts, we all really love healthy food and disciplined fitness regimes to keep our energy up. Real Estate is a 24/7 job, and it’s imperative that we look after ourselves so we can look after all our people. We have the following healthy pit-stops to thank for grabbing grub while we eat on the run!



573 King Street East | Corktown

If you haven’t visited this healthy gold-mine, you’re seriously missing out. This restaurant is designed for health enthusiasts that love clean eats. The menu is great “as is”, or can be customized to suit your macros! Our favourite is the Mexican Bowl with Chicken. And, you must, must, must try their Raw Chocolate Chip Cookie (which we believe is practically guilt-free). Oh, and good news, they are opening a West End location at Adelaide & Brant in the next month or two! We’ll be there so much that they will have to name a Fox Marin Power Bowl after us 🙂



55 Avenue Road | Yorkville (other locations too)

There are multiple locations for this kick-ass food bar including Brookfield Place and the Equinox in Yorkville Village. Their boxes are stuffed-full of locally produced veggies, meats and cheeses and their menu aligns with the changes in season. Personal favourites include the C++ with organic buckwheat, red cabbage, roasted carrots and mariposa dairy goat cheese. And, don’t forget to try their awesome smoothies too! We also love that the service is super fast and friendly – so, you can park illegally and get away with it 😉



Multiple Toronto Locations

It’s a Toronto staple that will never leave our go-to list! Fresh started as a travelling juice bar called Juice for Life in 1990 (do you remember that?). Fresh is known for its natural ingredients, so you’re never stressing about chemicals or preservatives. Plus, everything is vegetarian or vegan – so, you know you’ll get in some greens! We’re suckers for their huge salads and kick-ass bowls. And, if you’re ever sick with a nasty cold, the Deep Immune is an on-the-go lifesaver!



348 Danforth Avenue | Danforth Village

A Danforth institution, really! In fact, The Big Carrot (established in 1983) is Toronto’s first health food store specializing in organically grown, non-GMO products. We often pop into the Carrot Kitchen to grab on-the-go items from their salad, hot food, and sandwich bar. If you’re on the right side of the street, it’s easy to park and run in to score a healthy selection of fresh dishes with ingredients sourced from many local farmer’s markets! They also have every Protein Bar imaginable, so if you’re in a jam (and slightly irritable), we lead you here!



134 Atlantic Avenue | Liberty Village

Get this – the menu is entirely wheat and gluten free. And, the food is all organic and locally sourced. The prepared meals are made daily and stay fresh in the grab-n-go fridges. The meals are creative, delicious and surprisingly filling. The Kale Crunch Caesar is made with Coconut “Bacon”, Almost “Parmesan”, and Roasted Chickpeas. We haven’t been able to wrap our head’s around the Raw Wrap yet – but, we’ll get there (right Ralph?)!



238 Augusta Avenue | Kensington

Since Kensington Market is not the easiest place to park, we kinda cheat and order our yummy gluten-free/organic eats via UberEats. We know, we know, but the app makes it far too easy! This vegetarian cafe is famous for its buckwheat crepes, soups and salads. And, their Peanut Butter & Chocolate Chip Vegan Cookie is also a winner (and, must be guilt free because it’s gluten-free). News has it that a 2nd location is opening at 111 Richmond Street West …so we’re super stoked about the new downtown locale.



689 Queen Street East | Leslieville

And, last but not least – the adorable Pulp Kitchen on Queen Street East in the heart of Leslieville.

We really only stop here for Protein Shakes on the run – but they are 100% plant-based with tons of options to make it your own. We find it hard to skip the Funky Monkey made with organic cocoa, soy milk, banana and a shot of Espresso…because, as we said, real-estate never really sleeps.


Honourable Mention List:


So, if you’re out and about and feel the need for some fuel, we hope you think of this list to keep the engine driving forwards.

We’ll see you on the road with Green Smoothies in hand!