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09/24 - Design, Staging

We’re Hiring: Merging Artistry with Space

Join Fox Marin’s Staging & Styling Team:

Fox Marin seeks an additional Interior Stylist, a true connoisseur of design and organization, to play an instrumental role in our property staging process. As a brand synonymous with luxury, sophistication, and attention to detail, we require an individual who will resonate with our ethos and complement our team. This position offers the opportunity to grow and elevate one’s skill set within the interior design sphere.

Take an insider look at our Listings Page or our Before & Afters for a sense of our style, swagger and grit!

The Role’s Initial Responsibilities:

  • Assist in the comprehensive staging of properties under the guidance of the lead stager.
  • Manage and pack inventory at our warehouse.
  • Coordinate and oversee the smooth move-in of staging items, ensuring the meticulous placement of furniture.
  • Execute detailed tasks like unpacking décor items, arranging art pieces, bed-making, and light cleaning duties.
  • Liaise with the electrician for installation and removal processes.
  • Ensure the return of staging packing supplies to the warehouse before photo sessions and property listing.
  • Conduct regular site checks, refresh floral arrangements, and maintain the overall ambiance while the property is listed.
  • Manage post-sale duties such as inventory collection, patching art-induced wall damages, and overseeing the move-out process to guarantee a clean property handover.
  • Effectively unpack and catalogue all returned furniture and items to the inventory.
  • Oversee warehouse organization, art library maintenance, and overall inventory management.

Advanced Responsibilities (once acclimated with our processes & ethos):

  • Conduct property walkthroughs in collaboration with the listing agent and lead stager.
  • Provide articulate recommendations for any pre-staging enhancements.
  • Draft detailed packing lists for sellers.
  • Design and implement comprehensive staging plans tailored to each property’s unique aesthetic.

Qualifications & Attributes:

  • A discerning eye for detail coupled with a genuine passion for design.
  • Proactive initiative and a knack for innovative problem-solving.
  • Capacity to self-motivate, directing tasks independently yet thriving in a team environment.
  • Robust organizational abilities.
  • Adaptability with scheduling and understanding of the dynamic nature of property listings.
  • Stellar interpersonal skills, fostering positive interactions with sellers, clients, and the entire Fox Marin team.
  • Exemplary professionalism in all dealings.
  • Physical capability to lift up to 50 lbs.
  • Valid Ontario driver’s license & access to a reliable vehicle


We’re on the lookout for someone who is smitten by design, possesses a meticulous eye for detail, and upholds a strong work ethic. Your ability to operate autonomously, manage ever-changing schedules with grace, and combine a splendid sense of humour with unwavering professionalism will make you an ideal fit.

We craft stunning spaces, savour their beauty momentarily, and then, with the same fervour, gear up for our next Fox Marin Masterpiece.


Based in the heart of GTA from the Junction to Riverdale, Little Italy to Yorkville, and all of the wonderful neighbourhoods in between. Our warehouse, the hub of our operations, is located in Leaside.


In the ever-evolving world of real estate, adaptability is key. While some weeks might see you immersed in multiple listings, others might offer a quieter pace. Working hours might oscillate between a bustling 40-hour week to a more relaxed 10-hour week and, occasionally, even a week off. We endeavour to keep weekends as free as possible, valuing your work-life balance!


An attractive package awaits the right candidate, details of which will be discussed during the selection process.

Who is this for?

This role beckons freelancers keen on supplementing their income, fresh design school graduates hungry for hands-on experience, seasoned visual merchandisers, window dressers, or anyone with the flexibility (and creativity) to embrace an oscillating work schedule. If you’re someone who can find beauty in both permanence and transience – in setting up exquisite spaces and then swiftly transitioning to the next – we’d love to hear from you!

To apply, kindly visit our Careers Page and let us know why you might be a great fit for our awesome, hardworking and creative Staging & Styling Team! An opportunity you don’t want to miss!

Please, no emails, phone calls or text messages.

Thank you for your interest!