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02/20 - Selling

Case Study: Record-Breaking Sale in Vaughan

13 Fancamp Dr

In 2017, there were 11 terminated listings at Aspen Ridge’s Chelsea Maple Station Townhomes, with prices ranging between $869K and $1.099M.

Of the 11 homes that tried to sell in various price ranges, only two were successful; and, they just happened to be the least expensive (a.k.a. the low lying fruit).

  • After a price reduction and 108 days on the market, 32 Fancamp sold for $864K.
  • And, after 17 days on the market, 24 Fancamp sold for $845K.

When we hit the market in February 2018, we were competing against the following three, very similar active listings within the same development site:

  1. House A  – $869,000 and 82 Days on the Market
  2. House B – $899,000 and 98 Days on the Market
  3. House C  – $979,990 and 70 Days on the Market

These three homes had been collectively sitting on the market for an average of 83 days.  Red flag, right? 

With this information in mind, our goal was to sell at the highest possible price in the shortest amount of time as this was the only two criteria given by our Seller client.  He wanted to sell, and sell fast, and this was not a “let’s test the waters” scenario!

So, we decided to take on the challenge and bring our winning formula to the City of Vaughan to verify what we know to be true; that top-notch staging, marketing, photography, video, print and social reach do work! The details matter! When you invest in a good team that prides themselves on bringing out the very best in every home they sell, the results speak for themselves.

And, after only two days on the market, we sold the property conditionally on finance & inspection.

By the end of the week, the property sold firm at a record-breaking price in record-breaking time.  The final result? A sale price of 97% of asking in just nine days, thrilling our seller and the neighbours!

In fact, this property got so much attention, we received a phone call from the developer congratulating us on the winning sale!

We are so proud of this property sale and the work our team contributed to making this a win-win for the Seller & the Buyer!

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