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09/12 - Staging, Trends

Top 10 Interior Design Trends 2019

Interior Design and Decor Trends 2019 | Fox Marin Blog

Interior Design and Decor Trends

At Fox Marin, we always like to stay one step ahead. That’s why we’re already looking at next year’s much anticipated interior design and decor trends. This way, you can plan ahead, tuck away some pennies and be the first one to order your over-sized bathroom tiles (before people even know it’s a thing). Admittedly, we’re really excited to share what’s about to unfold in the months to come. One of our top picks for 2019 is the fact that classic matte black is making a big resurgence. And, it’s going to be moodier and hotter than ever!

We always say, out with the old and in with the new! And? There’s no better time to get started with your planning. As the summer sizzle wraps up and we step into Toronto’s cooler temperatures and those back-to-school vibes, it’s a great time to refresh.


Here’s Your Sneak Peek at 2019’s Top 10 Interior Design and Decor Trends

These are our top ten predictions for 2019 interior design and decor trends. We’re seeing a future that’s heading towards larger scale tiles, statement ceilings, and bold, high-contrast designs. Let’s take a look!


1. Terrazzo Flooring and Accent Walls

Terrazzo Flooring | FM Design

[source: Odette Restaurant, Singapore]

First up on next year’s interior design and decor trends are Terrazzo flooring and accent walls. True historical Terrazzo consists of a mix of really small pieces of scraps scattered in the concrete. Think of the flooring in your first public school – that’s Terrazzo. But, as seen in forward-thinking interiors, modern Terrazzo is a mix of different marbles with bigger sizes, less density and a more impressive, graphical look. The qualities that have made Terrazzo flooring desirable for years and years has been its strength, durability and a speckled elegance. However, the Terrazzo of 2019 gives you a variety of possibilities to add in colour and original shapes in your design plan (floors and accent walls alike). And, you’ve got yourself an added bonus, in that, it could very well last forever!


2. Ombre

Ombre Walls | FM Design

[source: The Spruce]

Ombre is not just for your hair colourist anymore. This is most definitely going to come up as part of interior design and decor trends in 2019. And, we’re super excited about! The idea is based on the colour transition from dark tones to light tones, or from one tine to another. This painting technique is also called “degradation”, and it can be used in various ways throughout your home. It’s important to know that the execution of such an idea requires a skilled painter. So, if you’re not the most artistic type, we advise you to get an experienced painter to create this ombre glow.


3. Bathroom

Bathroom Concept | FM Design

[source: TOL’KO Interiors]

Long gone are the days of tile floors mixing into the background space of your bathroom. You know what we mean, right? Grey floors, grey wall tiles, and grey shower tiles – yup, that’s over. In fact, next year, you’ll see bathroom concepts that link to the whole living space and design arrangement. With this style, you’re getting a full blown visual effect. Think larger scale tiles, a colour palette, black matte hardware and industrial lighting effects. The same concept will apply to both small, urban dwellings and large-scale homes, with space for bathtubs, walk-in showers and double vanities.


4. Window Coverings


Window Coverings | FM Design

[source: Anthropologie]

Say good-bye to neutral roll down shades and white California shutters – those are out! Window treatments are enjoying a much needed comeback, with everything from simple lines, layered drapery, hand sewn embroidery and 3D graphic patterns. Because fresh, contemporary curtains can shakeup the space or even reinvent a floor plan. When done right, window coverings are an inexpensive alternative to partition space; it defines a particular area and could even give the illusion of larger windows.


5. Statement Ceilings

Statement Ceilings | FM Design

[source: Mary Costa Photography]

We’re going up in 2019. The ceiling is referred to as the fifth wall, although often neglected when it comes to design. While we spend hours torturing ourselves about which paint colour to use on our walls, the ceiling often gets little to no love at all. So, we’re including the fifth wall in our predictions for next year’s interior design and decor trends – it’s coming back. If your room is already decorated but missing a little joie de vivre, trying looking up!


6. Natural Wood in the Kitchen

Natural Wood Kitchen | FM Design

[source: Nicemakers via Interiorzine]

We always knew this trend would return – it was only a matter of time! The white and glossy white kitchens of former years are being replaced with a more Scandi-style, keeping to straight lines and light wood tones. Think recycled, sustainable and reusable materials in the kitchen. Designs and layouts are looking to foster social interactions, family relationships and technology-free zones. We’re also going to see an abundance of living produce that is grown in the kitchen, turning the space into a vibrant, urban ecosystem.


7. Light Fixtures

Light Fixtures | FM Design

[source: Marcante-Testa Architecture]

It’s time! The Orbs, the Mobiles and the Cages are getting shutdown and shutout. Though we’ve seen this trend come in before, it looks like we’re going back to. Adding this to next year’s interior design and decor trends, you’ll see a shift toward vintage and handmade fixtures. Think of your chandeliers, wall sconces and side lamps as art objects composed of steel, marble or wood, recycled glass, paper, brass or satin gold.


8. Shelving and Space Dividers

Shelving and Space Dividers | FM Design

[source: Interior Zine]

Shelving installations that are modular, mobile and modern are making their way into homes as space dividers. What does this look like? Think minimalist, versatile systems that can accommodate all of our everyday entertainment requirements. The idea is to create an entire wall without being too overwhelming and at the same time, remain functional and elegant. It’s a beautiful way to define a space and demonstrate how a solid piece can appear airy and light, while adding function and storage as well.


9. Matte Black

Matte Black Interior Design | FM Design

[source: Amber Lewis Interiors

Get excited. Matte black is making a major comeback, finding its way into 2019’s interior design and decor trends. It’s expected to pop-up across interiors and exteriors alike. Think black trims, black kitchens, black wainscotting – all of our favourites! You can expect to see bold, high-contrast designs taking over your social media feeds in 2019, as matte black moves from fashion and cosmetics into homeware and decor. Lighting, seating, housewares and accent tables are all simple pieces you can introduce to reference this trend.


10. Colour Institute Predictions

Pantone Cravings Colour | FM Design

[source: Pantone, “Cravings”]

Our interior design and decor trends roundup would not be complete without adding the Pantone Colour Institute’s 2019 Colour of the Year predictions. The consultancy firm has highlighted two colour palettes for next year – “Cravings” and “Classico” – both coming from very opposite ends of the colour spectrum. They’ve defined these top picks as, “cravings will tempt the eye as well as the taste buds with spicy reds, sweet flamingo orange and rich purples. And, “just as the name implies, the hues of Classico are fundamental, basic, and everlasting, while at the same time, elegant and forever fashionable.”

Pantone Classico Colour | FM Design

[source: Pantone, “Classico”]

We want to know what you think of our predictions for top interior design and decor trends in 2019.

It’s important for us to stay on top of interior design and decor trends. We work hard to deliver best-in-class staging and styling for all of our Fox Marin real estate listings. So, please tell us what you think! We want to know what you like, don’t like, what you love and what you’re really not loving. Be sure to comment, because when it comes to design, everyone has an opinion (and we want to hear yours)!


This article is written by Kori Marin, Managing Partner and Broker at Fox Marin Associates. With a passion for Scandinavian design and all-things-Toronto, Kori brings her own brand of charismatic energy, creative integrity, and expertise to her work.