303-660 Pape Ave


Condo | 1 + 1 Bedroom + 2 Washroom

MLS #E6634820

The details

Architectural Elegance

As a historical edifice reborn, it once held the sacred resonance of a turn-of-century church, and today it preserves that ethereal aura, infusing day-to-day existence with a profound richness and European flavour. This multi-level sanctuary offers more than a residence; it stands as an enduring testament to architectural elegance, expertly intertwining the revered past with effortless contemporary living – the visible steel trusses of the tower, original and exposed, offer a vivid echo of its heritage. The culinary heart of your home, its kitchen is outfitted in pristine Calcutta marble & opulent cabinetry drenched with sun from your private double terrace and its savouring expansive city vistas. The interior lends a versatile & design-forward aesthetic, including a lofty primary suite & generous ensuite; integrated wardrobes offer practicality without conceding style, and the main floor discreetly shelters a guest suite or private office replete with bespoke millwork and a hidden Murphy bed. Nestled just a stone’s throw from the subway and the urban splendours of the Danforth, this treasured property blends historical allure with the practicality of metropolitan living, offering an unparalleled fusion of historical significance, spatial majesty, and modern luxury. Residing within Toronto’s architectural constellation, your home is a product of Bob Mitchell’s visionary transformation of the Riverdale Presbyterian Church in 2004 – a unique, one-of-a-kind space.

Your home should tell a story of who you are and be a collection of what you love.

Property particulars

North Riverdale

660 Pape Ave
Suite 330

List price - $1,200,000

Danforth Ave & Pape Ave

One Bedroom

One Enclosed Den

Two Washrooms

One Parking Space Indoor

South West Exposure

Interior - 1,145 Square Feet

Exterior - 160 Square Feet

Maintenance Fee - $1,087.03 (includes Hydro)


  • Hot Water Tank – $40.63/per month

Property Taxes - $3,958

MLS Reference - E6634820


  • Built-In Stainless Steel Refrigerator
  • Built-In Stainless Steel Gas Stove
  • Built-In Stainless Steel Microwave
  • Built-In Stainless Steel Hood Range
  • Dishwasher
  • Clothing Washer & Dryer
  • Custom Built-Ins in Den with Murphy Bed
  • Existing Window Coverings
  • Existing Electrical Light Fixtures (see exclusions)
  • Gas BBQ Hookup (Terrace)
  • One Parking Space


  • Bedside Wall Lamps


The Building

The Annex

Glebe Lofts;
Building Insider

Situated on 660 Pape Avenue, in the vibrant heart of Riverdale, The Glebe Lofts stand as a remarkable testament to Toronto’s rich architectural history and the ingenuity of modern design.

This extraordinary conversion of the iconic Riverdale Presbyterian Church, orchestrated by Bob Mitchell and his firm, Mitchell Lofts, redefines the traditional concept of urban living.

The Glebe Lofts, completed in 2004, have artfully repurposed the historic building into a residential marvel, with each of the 32 multilevel loft residences bearing unique characteristics that pay homage to the original architecture by John Wilson Gray, while simultaneously offering a fresh and contemporary flair.

Stepping into the magnificent structure, one can’t help but feel immersed in the grandeur of its past. The loft conversion preserves the awe-inspiring essence of the former church, with each residence celebrating the ascending heights of the original sanctuary, encompassing two stories, fostering a sense of openness and spiritual elevation reminiscent of the building’s erstwhile function.

Each residence is a masterstroke of architectural acumen designed to optimize the dramatic interplay of light and volume. The open plan concept ingeniously uses the impressive spatial scale inherent to the church’s architecture. These lofts are not merely a nod to the past but incorporate modern amenities and cutting-edge design elements such as solid masonry walls, thermopane windows, superior thermal and acoustic insulation, and high-efficiency heating systems.

A tour of the third-story lofts reveals exposed steel trusses, serving as a stark reminder of the building’s original purpose – this blend of preserved history with urban design results in both functional, beautiful, and deeply evocative spaces.

The Glebe Lofts are more than mere residences; they are experiences, each one offering a slice of history to inhabit and reinterpret in a contemporary context.

Bob Mitchell’s journey of transforming industrial and institutional buildings into residential marvels spans over three decades. His design firm, Mitchell Lofts, previously known as Mitchell & Associates, has a rich legacy marked by pioneering the first legal loft condominium conversion in Toronto and earning accolades for design excellence and innovation.

A veteran planner with hands-on experience in retrofitting and converting buildings into residential condominiums, Mitchell’s work embodies the symbiosis between heritage and modernity.

The Glebe Lofts hold a distinct position in Toronto’s residential landscape. Its unique combination of historical integrity, innovative design, and luxurious features, paired with its prime location near the subway and the cosmopolitan life of the Danforth, makes it an unparalleled choice for those seeking a residence steeped in character and convenience. To live at The Glebe Lofts is to live within a work of art – a harmonious blend of history, architectural splendour, and modern living.

Number of Storeys - 3

Number of Suites - 32

Year Built - 2004

Property Management

Skywater Property Management

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The Neighbourhood

The neighbourhood

Welcome To
Danforth Ave & Pape Ave

Nestled on the fringes of Toronto’s vibrant urban sprawl, where the architectural charm of Riverdale dovetails seamlessly into the pulsating heart of Greektown, lies an enclave that masterfully bridges the gap between yesteryears’ allure and tomorrow’s promise – a sophisticated blend of old-world elegance and contemporary panache.

As you wander down this neighbourhood’s picturesque lanes, you are immediately struck by the kaleidoscope of architectural styles on display. Grand Victorian and Edwardian homes rub shoulders with minimalist, modern dwellings, their brick façades narrating stories of the district’s rich history. This architectural dynamism of the area is an homage to its heritage and a nod to its forward-looking spirit, a stylish embodiment of Toronto’s past and future coming together.

Beyond the architectural charm of this district is the palpable cultural vibrancy borrowed from Greektown. The scent of freshly baked spanakopita and moussaka wafts through the air as lively tavernas and gourmet eateries line the sun-dappled avenues. The local dining scene is a paradise for foodies, presenting an inviting fusion of homey eateries, upscale dining spots, and ethnic food joints. The restaurants here serve a spectrum of culinary delights, from sumptuous Italian pasta and vibrant Middle Eastern mezze to traditional Greek fare and avant-garde cuisine.

Adding to the district’s rich tapestry are the delightful coffee houses that dot the neighbourhood. From cozy, rustic nooks to sleek, modern establishments, these cafes are the lifeblood of the district’s social scene. The scent of freshly roasted beans lingers in the air, a fragrant testament to the city’s love for great coffee.

On balmy evenings, the lively echo of live music can be heard reverberating off the walls of beautifully maintained brick houses, infusing the neighbourhood with a friendly and welcoming spirit.

Bountiful parks, leafy green spaces, and verdant community gardens punctuate the urban dwellings, lending a softness to the district’s city grit. These public spaces, resplendent with vibrant flora and punctuated by the laughter of children playing, offer idyllic respite from the city’s hustle and bustle.

This neighbourhood is more than just a residential haven – it’s a testament to Toronto’s multicultural ethos and architectural vibrancy. The meeting of Riverdale and Greektown is truly a confluence of charm and vitality, a residential experience that is ethnically diverse, gastronomically vibrant, and culturally rich. The district is a delightful fusion of architecture, cuisine, and community, offering a living experience as varied and exciting as the city itself.

Transit options

Commute to Union Station
  • 19 Minutes by Car
  • 40 Minutes by Transit
  • 24 Minutes by Bike
Rail Lines
  • Pape Subway Station
  • 505 Dundas
  • 504 King
  • 304 King
Bus Lines
  • 72 Pape
  • 81 Thorncliffe Park
  • 25 Don Mills
  • 83 Jones


Private Schools
  • Crestwood School
  • Liberty Prep School
  • Montcrest School
  • Seneca Hill Private School
  • The Rosedale Day School
  • Toronto Private High School
Public Schools
  • Franklin Community School
  • Earl Grey Senior Public School
  • Riverdale Collegiate Institute
  • Danforth Collegiate & Technical Institute
French Schools
  • Earl Grey Senior Public School

Restaurants & Cocktails

  • A&W Canada
  • Aji Sai
  • Alexandros Take-Out
  • Athens Restaurant
  • California Restaurant & Bar
  • Christinas on the Danforth
  • El Charro Danforth
  • El Venezolano
  • Gabby’s
  • Hunter’s On The Danforth
  • Il Fornello on Danforth
  • Katsu Japanese Restaurant
  • Megas Restaurant
  • Mezes
  • Mishwar Restaurant
  • Pantheon Restaurant
  • Pizzeria LIbretto
  • Simone’s Caribbean Restaurant
  • Souv Like
  • SugarKane
  • Tappas Restaurant & Bar
  • The Friendly Greek Mediterranean Grill
  • Trattoria Di Parma

Groceries & Libations

  • Barcelona Gourmet
  • Bare Market
  • Danforth Convenience Grocery, Flowers & Fruit Market
  • Danforth Milk Store
  • Food Basics
  • Foodland
  • Fruitland
  • Loblaws
  • Masellis Supermarket
  • No Frills
  • Pappas Market
  • Smyrna – Laz Bakkal
  • Strictly Bulk

Coffee & Bakeries

  • BonBon Coffee Shop
  • Carlaw Coffee & Convenience
  • Espresso Bar
  • Goat Coffee Co.
  • Ion Coffee
  • Marvel Coffee Co.
  • Monopol Cafe
  • Oliver Coffee Bar
  • Second Cup Coffee Co.
  • Starbucks
  • The Only Cafe

Fitness & Health

  • All Access Health & Fitness
  • Body + Soul Fitness
  • Bomb Fitness
  • Clear Cut Fitness
  • Crossfit Greektown
  • Dwell Gym
  • Elements of Fitness
  • FIIT Co
  • Fortis Fitness
  • GoodLife Fitness
  • Hone Fitness
  • Loft Cycle Club
  • Parliament Street Fitness
  • Planet Fitness
  • Primal Gym
  • Quantum Strength & Fitness
  • Vive Fitness

Parks & Greenspace

  • Aldwych Park
  • Kempton Howard Park
  • Logan Avenue Park
  • Phin Park
  • Riverdale East Park
  • Wellesley Park
  • Withrow Park

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